History and Activities

VG ASSET MANAGEMENT SA was founded in 1989 in Lugano - Switzerland by Vittorio Ghidella, engineer and entrepreneur, as a financial holding company and family office for his family.

Progressively there have been developed portfolio management systems with the use of computerized techniques for quantitative analysis, and an asset management structure has been created for the management of both private and third party capital.

Since 1998, VG ASSET MANAGEMENT SA has managed collective portfolios on behalf of major banks' customers.

From 2002 advisor of the VG SICAV, collective investment company with variable capital, incorporated in Luxembourg and qualified as UCITS IV for EU markets. The custodian bank is Banque de Luxembourg.

From 2007 advisor of the VG SICAV II, an investment company with variable capital incorporated in Luxembourg. The custodian bank is Banque de Luxembourg.

Since 2007 VG ASSET MANAGEMENT SA is active in asset management in GPF funds on behalf of third parties.

From 2008 to 2011 advisor of some ATOMO sub-funds, collective investment company with variable capital, incorporated in Luxembourg.

VG ASSET MANAGEMENT SA is a member of the Swiss Association of Asset Managers ASG.

Investment Strategy

The approach to Asset Management, strongly characterized by the Company’s founder, is based on the long-term growth of invested capital, combined with accurate risk-management.

The management techniques used, are of a financial-quantitative type with quantitative econometric models deriving from long experience in high-level management. Along with them were created artificial intelligence algorithms which are able to select the different markets and, within each market, identifying the best investment opportunities. As a result the selected instruments are of high quality both in terms of value and growth. Appropriate evaluation and risk monitoring systems are used according to their contexts.

Thanks to these techniques it is possible to create optimized portfolios by destination and investment style; and use them for the management of collective as well as private investment funds.


The main shareholder of VG ASSET MANAGEMENT SA is a Foundation under Swiss Law subject to government control and of unlimited duration. The management team consists of a core of young certified specialists, motivated, and interchangeable in different functions.

All procedures have high levels of automation and offer backup systems both for the software and the hardware involved.

VG ASSET MANAGEMENT SA has working relationships with major international financial institutions.

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